It is 1919 in RIVERSIDE, a Washington city that sits astride the Rainier Bay. Prohibition is just around the corner, and gang activity is at an all-time high. Riverside is itself divided in two by the largest two outfits this side of Chicago--the good ol' boys in The Ink, and the lady-led Roses.

Within the Roses, at the center of every conflict, is a woman with no known surviving family and no history on file. The people closest to her have no idea where she came from, or who she really is. The question resonates: who is Ophelia Banksly?

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Ophelia Banksly

Member of the Sisters. Best friend of Derry Lake and sometimes-lover of Simon Emmett, neither of whom knows much about her. Nor does anyone else, for that matter.

Appears in: Mousetrap (mentioned), Overqualified, Behind the Eight, Opalescence, No Man's Land, Queenside, Consigliera.

Derry Lake

Member of the Sisters. Daughter of John Rhinehart. Used to be the bottom girl at the Bacchanalia; these days, runs correspondence in the Roses.

Appears in: Mousetrap (mentioned), Overqualified, Opalescence, No Man's Land (mentioned), Queenside.

Cynthia Brandt.

Member of the Sisters. Ma Oceana's protegée. Was involved in an explosion at the Law Offices of William White, where she worked as a receptionist.

Appears in: Mousetrap, Behind the Eight, Opalescence, No Man's Land, Queenside.

Siobhan Teterya

Relatively new member of the Roses. Currently unbranded. Vetted by Ophelia Banksly and hired as an Enforcer by Cynthia Brandt. Ukrainian immigrant who hails from Kiev.

Appears in: Overqualified, No Man's Land, Queenside.

Ma Oceana.

Original founder and Lady of the Roses. Runs the north end of Riverside, and is making eyes at the south.

Appears in: Mousetrap, Behind the Eight (mentioned), Opalescence, Queenside, Consigliera.


Ma Oceana's deaf-mute driver. No one's sure where he came from, or who he is. Ma is the only one who can communicate with him, and she's not tellin'.

Appears in: Mousetrap, Opalescence, Consigliera.

Sam Truman

A seasoned Rose Enforcer. Being a man, he's unbranded. Usually posted on the first floor of Ms. Brisby's Tea Parlor and Flower Shoppe.

Appears in: Opalescence, No Man's Land, Queenside.

Lucien Marlowe

A Rose runner. They're not telling whether they're branded or not. Freelances as a photographer and is an editor of the rag, the "Riverside Extras."

Appears in: No Man's Land.

Loretta Schafer

Madam of Madame Butterfly's. The youngest of the Roses' madams, at the age of 35.

Appears in: Behind the Eight, Opalescence (mentioned).

Amelia Rivera

The strictly-no-bullshit latina madam of the Rêve Rouge.

Appears in: Behind the Eight, No Man's Land (mentioned).

Florence Whitaker

Madam of The Cottontail. Deeply resents the Sisters, her much-younger superiors.

Appears in: No Man's Land (mentioned), Queenside.

Helen Young

Flo's rotund bottom woman and yes-man. Known by her girls for being petty and mean.

Appears in: Queenside.

Dandelion Day

Sex worker at the Cottontail. Jefferson Smith's favorite girl.

Appears in: Queenside.

Simon Emmett

Executive Officer of the Ink. Seized control of the outfit in a semi-recent coup. Jefferson Smith's partner and best friend.

Appears in: Overqualified, Behind the Eight, Opalescence (mentioned), Deflection Gambit, Queenside, Consigliera.

Jefferson Smith

Co-Executive Officer of the Ink. Loud, brash, and highly abrasive. Simon Emmett's partner and best friend.

Appears in: Overqualified, Behind the Eight, Deflection Gambit, Queenside.

Nancy Goldfinch

Simon Emmett's personal assistant. Wife of Frank Goldfinch, the treasurer of the city of Riverside. Keeps her cards close to her chest.

Appears in: Overqualified (mentioned), Opalescence (mentioned), Deflection Gambit.

Nicholas Steiner

Simon Emmett's driver, bodyguard, and caretaker. Never laughs and seldom smiles. Almost everyone fears him, and with good reason.

Appears in: Behind the Eight, Deflection Gambit, Queenside.

Tim Kreider

Pit manager of the Bolero. Relatively new to the outfit, and has gained a lot of prestige in a very short amount of time. Has a scar on his left hand that he's very self-conscious about.

Appears in: Behind the Eight, Opalescence (mentioned), Deflection Gambit, No Man's Land, Queenside.

Bianca Masters

Former blackjack dealer at the Bolero who has recently applied for the position of Jefferson Smith's P.A. Timid, mousy, and has a nasty stutter that she developed after an incident at the Bolero.

Appears in: Behind the Eight, Deflection Gambit, Queenside.

Meredith Baxter

The daughter of recently deceased Ink Officer, Henry Baxter. The second candidate for the position of Jefferson Smith's P.A. Missing two phalanges of her ring and pinky finger on her right hand.

Appears in: Behind the Eight, Deflection Gambit (mentioned), Consigliera (mentioned).

Marcus Bimonte

Ink Officer. Current pimp of the Bacchanalia. Widely known for his terrible temper.

Appears in: Overqualified, Deflection Gambit (mentioned), Queenside (mentioned), Consigliera (mentioned).

Peter Landwehr

Brand new Ink associate, bursting with enthusiasm for the job. Can only hope it'll wear off sooner rather than later.

Appears in: Behind the Eight, Deflection Gambit (mentioned), No Man's Land, Queenside.

Vernon Walther

Seasoned Ink Officer. Former member of Gregory Callahan's inner circle, and isn't happy about the change in regime at all.

Appears in: Overqualified, Behind the Eight (mentioned), Opalescence (mentioned), Deflection Gambit, Consigliera (mentioned).

John Rhinehart

U.S. Senator and Ink Officer. Estranged father of Derry Lake. Seems like he's more willing than the rest of the old circle to work with Simon-and-Smith.

Appears in: Deflection Gambit (mentioned), Queenside.

Albert Dietrich

Timothy Kreider's usual partner. Seems to have been benched while Kreider is mentoring Peter Landwehr.

Appears in: Behind the Eight.

Robert Roark

Seasoned Ink associate. Happiest when keeping a low profile.

Appears in: Opalescence, Queenside.

James McCoy

Chief of Police and long-time Rose plant.

Appears in: Mousetrap, Vice.

Jason Hetfield

Vice detective. The most knowledgeable member on the force when it comes to organized crime in Riverside.

Appears in: No Man's Land, Vice.

Kitty Pryor

A flapper and entertainer. Usually the headliner of any given show.

Amos Pyrate

A hophead and long-time patron of poppy peddled by the Roses.

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