Welcome to THE GALLERY, a compendium of guest illustrations, comics, and commissions. You can click any image to enlarge it. Images are sorted by character, and contain artist credits within the filename. Do be sure to check the footnotes for links that may interest you!

Do you have a guest work that isn't displayed here? Let me know--you can reach me right here.

Amy King
Cami Woodruff
GC Houle
Kate Ashwin
Lily Hoyda
E. "Merc" Baird
Niamh, my Most Constant Reader
Taylor Robin
Allison Shabet
Michelle Dee
Jeremy Boydell
Rosa Marnie
Josh Lesnick

This gallery was constructed out of gratitude. It is a gift to you, my dear reader. Even if we've never so much as exchanged a word, your attention and support genuinely mean the world to me, and I feel very blessed to have touched you. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to continue sharing the story of this city and its inhabitants with you.

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